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87 Holdings Key Personnel

John Crehan Partner

JOHN CREHAN began his career as an Apprentice Engineer gaining his comprehensive and robust appreciation of best practice in the industry and providing the inspiration to become an industry leading provider of FM services, with his swift succession further fuelling his passion for the reputable service provision that followed. He now has over 30 years significant and well recognised experience in founding and running ever successful businesses covering a range of client sectors from Data Centres, Real Estate and Corporate and is well known amongst these clients and colleagues alike for his family led approach to running his businesses.

James Moore Partner

JAMES MOORE during his career has led a number of mergers and acquisitions in Europe, including management, service and marketing operations and was key to the subsequent integration, capitalising on the synergies to deliver robust platforms for growth. His vision in identifying growth opportunities and executing, whether in terms of talent capability, new organisation structures, operating sites or innovative marketing strategies is unparalleled in the sector. He is truly an international player having had responsibility for global markets in previous organisations, working in the global HVAC sector establishing himself as a business growth and turnaround specialist and leading significant Western Europe business operations.

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